Previous clients and collaborators are familiar with the process I use for my projects. I take some time to work on the concept, the arc, the characters, etc. After that, I create very detailed storyboards. Each director has their personal approach to production, so there's no right or wrong. In fact, I know a few directors that hate storyboards, but at the end, I'm a very visual person, so I always shoot with an edit in mind. Below you'll see the before and after from a few shots. To create all the shots I have a three-step process. The first step is my scribbles! I draw them as I read the approved script. It's whatever comes to mind at that moment. No filters. The second step is framing and layouts. I define camera angles, compositions, and camera movement, among other things. I make sure the story has an editorial rhythm. The third step is during production and in collaboration with my Director of Photography if I'm working with one. We pick the right lens to achieve the texture, composition, and depth of the shots. That said, if we feel we need to change things based on location, actors, or lighting, we do so. The purpose of my process is not to carve everything into stone, but to have a strong blueprint for the story. Hope you like the examples!

eduardo cintron storyboards scribbles